Album Art

"Everything Is Good About You"

by The Supremes

"1965 7" 45 rpm single"

ArtistThe Supremes
TitleEverything Is Good About You
Album7" 45 RPM Single
Album Art

"(Mama, Mama) Wish Me Good Luck)

by Carla Thomas

"1961 7" 45 rpm single"

ArtistCarla Thomas
Title(Mama, Mama) Wish Me Good Luck
Album7" 45 RPM Single
Album Art

"How Many Times Did You Mean It"

by Brenda Holloway

"1965 7" 45 rpm single"

ArtistBrenda Holloway
TitleHow Many Times Did You Mean It
Album7" 45 RPM Single
Album Art

"All I Wannna Do Is Spend Time With You"

by Gang’s Back

1982 “Gang’s Back”

ArtistGang's Back
TitleAll I Wanna Do Is Spend Time With You
AlbumGang's Back
Album Art

"Can’t Go On"

by Johnny Steele

1969 “7” 45 rpm single”

ArtistJohnny Steele
TitleCan't Go On
Album7" 45 RPM Single
Album Art

"Baby I’m Alright"

by Harold Burrage

1964 (rare) “7” 45 rpm single”

ArtistHarold Burrage
TitleBaby I'm Alright
Album7" 45 RPM Single
Album Art

"Call On Me"

by Jerry Bell

1981 “Winter Love Affair”

ArtistJerry Bell
TitleCall On Me
AlbumWinter Love Affair
Album Art

"I Can’t Go On"

by Deon Jackson

1968 “7” 45 rpm single”

ArtistDeon Jackson
TitleI Can't Go On
Album7" 45 RPM Single
Album Art

"Dear Lover"

by Tammi Lavette

2006 Tammi Lavette Selected Hits

ArtistTammi Lavette
TitleDear Lover
AlbumTammi Lavette Selected Hits
Album Art


by Archie Shepp

1970 “For Losers”

Archie Shepp - tenor saxophone

James Spaulding - alto saxophone

Bob Bushnell - bass

Bernard Purdie - drums

Wally Richardson - guitar

Dave Burrell - organ

Grachan Moncur - trombone

Jimmy Owens - trumpet & flugelhorn

ArtistArchie Shepp
AlbumFor Losers
Album Art

"Get It On"

by Wild Fantasy

1978 “Jungle Drums”

ArtistWild Fantasy
TitleGet It On
AlbumJungle Drums
Album Art

"Red Moon"

by Fugi Featuring Black Merda

1996 “12 ” single”

first released (1971) Parts 1 & 2

ArtistFugi Featuring Black Merda
TitleRed Moon
Album12" Single
Album Art


by Willie Mitchell

1968 “Soul Serenade”

ArtistWillie Mitchell
AlbumSoul Serenade
Album Art

"Queen Of My Heart"

by The Younghearts

1977 “All About Love”

ArtistThe Younghearts
TitleQueen Of My Heart
AlbumAll About Love
Album Art

"Living In The Ghetto"

by Purple Image

1970 “Purple Image”

ArtistPurple Image
TitleLiving In The Ghetto
AlbumPurple Image